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Danakil Depression (Erta Ale), Volcanos and Craters
4 Days Tour

This private tour takes you in one of the most in hospitable places on earth the Erta'Ale volcano and the Danakil Desert. N otonly is this desert region the lowest, it is also the hottest inhabited location on earth. Spectacular scenery awaits you at Erta'Ale volcano, Erta'Ale meaning smoking mountain.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Mekele Aiprot to Afar:
After flying in to Mekele you will drive to Ahmed Ella and stop at the entrance of the Afar region to pick up your entrance permit and police to guide you through the gate of the Afar refion. You will overnight in a local hotel.
Day 2 - Afar entrance to Ert Ale
In the morning you will go to Ert Ale and again pick up another police officer to ensure security. Together you will drive to Waydoom and after having a meal you will trek for about 3 hours to arrive in the large volcanic crater of the Ert Ale volcanic mountain, a still very active volcano. You will have time to adventure around the area and enjoy visiting the volcano before nightfall. You will camp here for the night.
Day 3 - Ert Ale to Ahmed Ella:
Early morning trek from your campsite descending to Waydoom for breakfast at which point you will be met by your vehicle to drive you Ahmed Ella. When you arrive you will stay in a local hotel.
Day 4 - Ahmed Ella to Dallol to Lake Asale to Mekele:
In the early morning you will head out to visit the Dallol Depression and witness the amazing bubbling sulfuric acid. Then you will visit Lake Asale which is known for being full of salt and is a salt extracting area. This day also provides opportunities to take a camel caravan before returning back to Mekele via your vehicle.



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