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Harar, Danakil Depression (Erta Ale), Volcanos and Craters
11 Days Tour

This private tour takes in one of the most in hospitable placeson earth the Erta'Ale volcano and also the Danakil Desert. Notonly is this desert region the lowest, it is also the hottest,inhabited location on earth.Spectacular scenery awaits you at Erta'Ale volcano, Erta'Alemeaning smoking mountain.and you will also visit ancient city of Harar . and visit a little bird spotting in the AwashNational Park (there are over 462 species here) whilstenjoying a safari on the look out for the numerous animals tobe found here. You may also be lucky enough to spot leopards,lions, Black-Backed and Golden Jackals, Caracals, Servalsand Wildcats.Meet the people of the Afar region and see how rock salt ismined on the vast Lake Afdera.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

Day 1: Addis Abeb
Upon arrival in Addis Ababa, meet our representatives and transfer to the given Hotel. During the day, visit historical sites in Addis Ababa including the National Archaeological Museum, where we will view the 3.2 million year old remains of "Lucy", whose skeletal remains when discovered in 1974. You will also visit the Holy Trinity Cathedrals and Mount Entoto which rises up to an altitudeof 3,200 meters and offers the panoramic view of the metropolis.
Day 2 - Fly to Dire Dawa
Meet your vehicles and proceed to Harar. On the way visit the chad market at Awedae.
Afternoon visit of Harar:
Mosques, city walls, basket production, the markets, French poet Rimbaud house, and more. In the evening we visit a man feeding wild hyenas at the doors of the town. Overnight Harar (hotel).
Day 03 - Drive to the Awash National Park
Visiting Afar people on the way. At the park we admire a very nice flora & fauna (Oryx, lesserkudu, dik-dik, crocodiles, hippos, many birds & more), the Awashriver falls and the river gorge. Overnight Awash (hotel).
Day 04
This morning we will make a visit to the Palmspring where it is possible to see warthogs, before driving onto Semera, which is the capital city forthe Afar people.
Day 05 - Semera to Afdera
Danakil depression, viewing the volcanic rock andincredible, barren, yet stunning scenery of th edesert. There are some excellent stretches of properly tarmacked road which is in vast contrast to the tin hut villages you will see along the way. Where the roads are not completed, the cameltrains continue to transport the salt that is mined in this area. Upon arrival visit the salt extraction process on Lake Afdera (also known at Giulietti). Rock salt has been extracted from this lake for many centuries and it is estimated that there are some 290 million tons here. This is an incredible sight and you can see the salt fields dotted aroun dthe lake for miles. This depression lies approx. 100 metres below sea level.
Day 06
Following breakfast today, we will drive from Afdera to Dodom or Kusreyat (depending on local factors). In the evening, we trek up to the mountains to visit the active volcano of Erta'Ale.
Day 07
Trek back to Dodom and drive to Dallol, the lowest point on earth. Again, this offers some stunning scenery of land carpeted with the sulphur.
Day 08
Visit to the Lake Assale, situated between the border of Ethiopia and Djibouti. Salt has been exported from here for centuries too and caravans of camels make the journey from here to all over Ethiopia and beyond with their cargo.
Day 09
Drive from Dallol to Mekelle. En route visit one of many camel caravans and take in the spectacular scenery along the road.
Day 10
Following breakfast this morning, we will drive t oKombolcha where you can view the stunningmountain chains at Ambalage. There will be a visit to the Estefanos monastery which is only open to men) and the Palace of Ras Mikael Sihul in Desse.
Day 11
Drive back to Addis Ababa via the mouth of Rift Valley system at Tarmaber and the lush landscapeof the Shoan Plateau. Even from the main road, the views from the various vantage points are awe-inspiring and you will see large troops of Gelada Baboons with the dramatic "lions" mane of the adult males. In the evening you will be taken to a traditional restaurant which show cases a traditional dancing show. Later you will transfer to the airport or hotel.



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