Option 1;

Day 1;
In the morning drive 260 km via Berhale we reach Hamadella, which is called "base camp" located in the desert and only 25 km away from Dallol. We have lunch on the way and stop at some places where you can enjoy a very impressive view and you meet the first camel caravans. In Berhale we take the policemen who accompany the group for the tour. We leave the highland and mountains 2000m above sea-level to the stone and salt desert to Hamadella, which is below sea-level (Salt desert up to 120m below sea level). On arrival in Hamadella we proceed to Lake Asale to see the spectacular view of the sunset reflection we. We spend the 1st night on local afar-beds, open air under the stars or in a wooden cottage.

Day 2
After an er early breakfast drive to Dallol Depression. On our round we visit different places like the colorful salt lakes and thermo active springs of Dallol, potash, sulfur and other minerals, the wide white salt desert, a cave and pure natural designed rocks and the field where the Afar people are harvesting the salt in the traditional way and where the camel caravans start their long trek to towns like Mekelle for the salt business. After half day visitation of Dallol and lunch in Hamadella we drive back to Mekelle.

Option 2;

Day 1
Departure is at 9am from Mekelle, we drive 305km to reach to the bottom of the volcano where the cars can't drive further. In the evening we start 3 up to 4 hours walking to the top of the volcano with joining different partners during the tour. You will visit the volcano after reaching the top and enjoying as much as you had enough and go to sleep in the camp made up of stones.

Day 2;
We walk down to the camp at the bottom of the volcano have breakfast we drive to Afdera to swim in lake Afrera and take bath in a naturally hot spring water near by the lake. After lunch drive back to Mekelle.
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