Ethiopia Travel & Tours Vacation Package - Trekking & Hiking Holidays in Simien Mountains

Welcome To Ethiopia

Welcome to Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa!

Ethiopia is located in East Africa above the equator and below the tropic of Cancer in the tip of the Horn of Africa ,and formerly called Abyssinia and also described as the Cradle of Humanity, home to the oldest human remains in the world, and the people of Ethiopia are proud to show of the wonders from the geographical contrast to the ancient cultural sites that their country has to offer visitors from all over the world. Ethiopia amongst many things is recognized as the home of humanity with the discovery of "Lucy", the lost Tribes of Israel, home of the Rastafari movement, the Axum Empire, the 8th wonder of the world, Leilebela, andthe largest mountains of the African Horn, the SimienMountain Park!

Why holiday Trek to Ethiopia With Us ?

Trek Ethiopia Travel & Tours is an outstanding tour company combining the best service with the most customized and tailor - made tour packages designed according to our clients ’ needs (budget oriented or higher end, natural or cultural focus , etc . ) .We offer customized tours of Ethiopia for single travelers or groups with a specialty in adventure and trekking travel to the Danakil depression, the Simien and Bale Mountain NationalParks and the Omo Valley. We also offer cycling, mountain biking, safaris, bird watching, historical pilgrimage andphotography tours.Here are some pre-made itineraries that can be customized tofit your travel wishes. We look forward to offering youamazing service and more importantly, a trip of a life time !
Ethiopia is a must for any adventure ′s bucket list!